Welcome to the Regimental Quartermaster Store

This is a new joint venture between the 23rd Infantry Regimental Headquarters and Warrior Society, of Lakewood, Washington. We selected Warrior Society to be the authorized supplier of high-quality TOMAHAWK “REGIMENT” branded garments and other 23rd Infantry promotional items.  As our Regimental Colonel says:

‘Tomahawks, we picked Warrior Society because they will supply what you want without the usual hassle and expensive headache of sourcing garments. With Warrior Society there is no minimum order, they know us, their design service is free and what they do is reasonably priced and speedily delivered. We have provided Warrior Society with five different versions of our regimental unit insignia so whatever you pick or have designed, if your design includes our arms, it will be authentic.

While we will be keeping an eye on the range of products Warrior Society offers and the work, they do for you, the Regimental Headquarters’ role is limited to quality control. Please deal directly with Warrior Society. We do not receive a penny from them.’

Fred Drew

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Infantry

Honorary Regimental Colonel

PS If you think there is a garment or other item which you think we should make widely available throughout the Regiment to serving or retired Tomahawks and their families, let us know at freddrew73@charter.net. Likewise, if you have an experience good or otherwise, please let us know.