23rd US Infantry Regiment


The 23rd US Infantry is arguably the most-travelled regiment in the whole US Army. The 23rd, nicknamed ‘The Tomahawks’, is currently composed of two infantry battalions stationed at Joint Base Lewis McCord, Washington and one at Fort Carson, Colorado along with a several hundred strong contingent of retired Tommies located throughout the world.

The Tomahawks of the 23rd Regiment have quite a story to tell. Throughout our eventful history the 23rd has been America’s ‘go to’ formation whenever some issue requiring force needed sorting out. Elements of the 23rd (in some instances to ten-man detachments) have served in Afghanistan, Alaska, Arizona, California, Cambodia, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, the Indian Territories, Iraq, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Washington (Territory and State), Wyoming, the European Theater, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Mindanao, Moroland, Vietnam and the Philippine Archipelago!

Little wonder our rather unusual coat of arms depicts two troopships sailing around the world. Do we ‘circumnavigate the globe’? We certainly do.